Can’t Connect to Internet Explorer

Thu, Jul 22, 2010


Internet down again!! Is it internet explorer? Maybe my router or perhaps my service provider , that is keeping me from my busy day and at the most important time I need it. Its feels like a game I play from time to time. I first right click to repair IP address 2 -3 times does not work; now I run into other room because router and service box is in there. I then disconnect service box and sit at computer for 3-5 min click repeatedly hoping that word GOOGLE appears in front of me, as I see it at least 70 times a day.  Hell no! still nothing now I am pissed and wanting to punch the computer screen, I now disconnect the router and sit again clicking on internet explorer and waiting for those six little words …Google…. so I can continue my day. Now that 10 mins of my life is waste (10 X ? =) who god damn knows… FINALLY those few letters now appear in 5 bright colors. Is that what it means under the search bar? I’m Feeling Lucky ….. – Submitted by Korry

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  • of all the nerve!It burns me up that iced tea in Northern restaurants is never sweetened. We shouldn't offer Yankees unsweetened tea in our Southern restaurants.
  • of all the nerve!I can't stand those two American Picker guys that come on the Discovery Channel after Pawn Stars. They should run two episodes of Pawn Stars in a row and get rid of those two losers.
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