Tue, Mar 6, 2012

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I just want to say, of all the low-down, scum-sucking, germ-spreading, eye-cracking, lascivious, adulterous,  ratty-haired loose women of this whole ENTIRE WORLD!!!, WHY??? would anyone make a t.v. show like this; about church ladies of all things? This is a disgrace!  How is a show about church ladies that are called good old country “bleep”s?  How is that funny? Even on the professional level, the paused puns are not even witty.  How is it even accurate about how the Christian women interact with one another?  Christian ladies do not wear mini skirts “up to there” and go around hunting down and hurting everyone they come into contact with. It is a horrendous humbrage to the church and all its members- most especially the ladies!  We do not act like that, and I don’t know any church-going who does… not even close!  Please take it off the air.  This is only the warm-up to the intro of the foreward in my journal of gripes against this insane show! It’s bad enough that Christians get persecuted, but now we are getting yet another slap in the face by this stupid show that might sway some who are not involved and yet others who would use it as backup for their “everybody’s a hypocrite up there” speeches.  Knock it off Television!!! – submitted by: Cheryl Riddle


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