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Then you are at the right place to vent your frustration and help others at the same time. Rude salespeople, pushy telemarketers, crooked politicians, public school teachers, dirty hotels, illegal aliens, aliens from space, Barack Obama, those mad at Barack Obama. Whatever. Whoever. Wherever.

Fill in the form below and tell the world why you’ve “had it up to here”. (We promise never to use your email for marketing purposes). We will posts all submissions (except for spam or porn, of course).

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It seems like everywhere I go, all day long, I hear people moaning and groaning and complaining. And what I notice is, is that most of people actually have legitimate gripes.

Have you ever dropped a suggestion in the suggestion box when you may as well have dropped it in the toilet? Have you ever complained about the flies in a greasy spoon only to be handed a used newspaper to swat them away? Or how about going to a City Council meeting only to be told you’re “out of order”?

Finally there is a place where you can feel free to rant and rave and just generally be mad as hell because you can’t take it any more. In fact, we wholeheartedly encourage it.

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The guy in the background keeps repeating “Errores! Errores!” Which means it was all an error and not a goal after all. Drives me nuts. (read more…)

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  • of all the nerve!I'm upset with my neighbor who is still mad at me for chasing away his yapping dog. I had the flu and a headache and I couldn't take it any more.
  • of all the nerve!I think my neighbor's teenage son has a lot of nerve for sneaking my teenage daughter into his bedroom in the middle of the night.
  • of all the nerve!I'm waiting for the person who keeps stealing my Sunday Morning paper - in the bushes with a shotgun...
  • of all the nerve!It burns me up that iced tea in Northern restaurants is never sweetened. We shouldn't offer Yankees unsweetened tea in our Southern restaurants.
  • of all the nerve!I can't stand those two American Picker guys that come on the Discovery Channel after Pawn Stars. They should run two episodes of Pawn Stars in a row and get rid of those two losers.
  • of all the nerve!Why do we celebrate Independence Day when we are so dependent on our government?
  • of all the nerve!Many thanks to the businesses who leave their neon "open" sign on when they're closed. I always feel like such an idiot when I walk into their locked doors.
  • of all the nerve!Q: Do you know what really burns my tail? A: A flame about three feet high.







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