Friends..or enemies?

Mon, Aug 9, 2010


Why can’t people just accept others for who they are? What happened to lifetime friendships, and working things out? It really gripes me when people just write you off with no word or warning-throwing away a friendship that has been around longer than some marriages. Whatever happened to working through your issues? But, I guess you’d have to talk for that. Sad, but true. Grow up, people! – submitted by Yvonne – Elijay, GA

2 Responses to “Friends..or enemies?”

  1. Dakota Bear Rabinowitz says:

    Whatever happened to lifetime marriages?

    • Syble says:

      What about Family that treat you the same way-Have a sister that we were thicker than thieves -Or so I thought- my son staged his death on Fb and my sister just older than me cussed him out- the older sis that was so close- called him-(to see if he had died) and she was on the phone nearly 45min. and then when she got off-my son was just the nicest person-he was so sorry that he done that-he was just playing around the computer and hit the wrong key! and he is going to visit her- and she doesn`t know how to tell him that he can`t come-she doesn`t want to hurt his feelings! Yet she doesn`t care that his wife took me to court for nothing and then he pulled this? Guess if I had died of heart failure then he would have still been the nicest thing? This man is 38yrs.old and he put on his comments all this awful stuff about me-How I steal his wife`pics?And it is all my fault that he done this? Now she doesn`t see why I treat her this way? I feel like she has thrown me under the bus!!!

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